Eshleman Elementary Evacuation

At approx 12:35 PM on Monday 12/22/08 at Eshleman Elementary School in Millersville, PA there was a leak in a package terminal heat pump unit (PTHP) in room 7. The supply valve for the PTHP froze and had a pinhole and was shooting water and chemicals out of the unit in the PHTP mechanical closet.

The chemicals were Formula 8218 . Three Penn Manor maintenance employees were sickened by the odor from the chemicals as the chemicals were being cleaned. The employees were sickened about 1:50 PM. Two of the employees were transported by ambulance to the hospital for evaluation. Students from the entire wing of the affected classroom were in the all-purpose room at the time.

At approximately 2:00 PM the Millersville Fire Department was contacted and responded. The fire company contacted the Lancaster County hazmat unit. Students were transported to Penn Manor High School at approx. 2:15 for further evaluation and eventual dismissal. Student arrived at Penn Manor High School in the cafeteria about 2:30 PM. An alert now message was sent to parents at 2:15 PM. Parents began picking students up at approx 2:50 PM. The remaining students will be transported by school bus and the regular dismissal time.

District officials are working with the emergency respondents to ensure the safety of the facility. The district will work with emergency respondents to determine if Eshleman Elementary School will be open on Tuesday, 12/23. No other buildings in Penn Manor were affected.