Message from Tom Mumma

Eshleman Parents and Students,

It is bittersweet that I write you today with news of a change for next year. The music department has been in the process of re-evaluating the staffing structure in the district and how that structure is accommodating the needs of our students. Because of a net growth, primarily in instrumental music, the department has had to move staff members to different buildings to deal with the increase in enrollment, and the many challenges of the schedules at all levels.

That being said, the department and the district feel I will best serve the Penn Manor community by continuing as the High School Director of Bands, as well as the Manor Middle School band director. This new role will be shifting me out of the elementary schools I currently serve, including Eshleman. I have found my 6 years at Eshleman to be rewarding and challenging, and the many relationships I have built, with both staff, students, and parents will always have a fond place in my memories.

I look forward to moving along with this current sixth grade class. I also look forward to seeing all of the 4th and 5th grade instrumental students in the next few years at Manor Middle. Please accept my sincere thanks for a wonderful six years of service to you and my well wishes for your students until we will be able to work again at Manor Middle School.


Tom Mumma