Lunch News for 2009-10

Lunch menu for first day of school-August 30, 2009


Chicken Tenders

Fluffy Whipped Potatoes

Steamed Green Beans

Chilled Fresh Fruit

Choice of Milk

B lunch-Hamburger


The C lunch (Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich) and the D lunch (Yogurt & String Cheese) remain the same.

Elementary Lunch-$2.00

Reduced Lunch-$.40


Adult Lunch-$3.40

There is 1 major change from last year with regard to lunch tickets. All pre-paid lunch and breakfast money will now be combined. Parents will not need to write 2 separate checks for breakfast and lunch. Also, students will also be able to use their ticket money to purchase ala carte items. The full price ticket will be $50.00 and the reduced meal ticket price is $10.00. Parents will also be able to go online to check their students balance and also observe cafeteria purchases.

In addition, we will be utilizing a new website for parents to make credit card payments for their child’s meal ticket. Café Prepay will be replaced with Parents will be able to make any denomination payment for a flat convenience fee of $1.75. Example-$100 payment plus a $1.75 fee, $10 payment plus a $1.75 fee.