Parking Lot Safety

Once again the safety of students being dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon has been jeopardized by drivers passing stopped cars in the school parking lot.  It is very important that we maintain only one lane of traffic in the parking lot and in the bus lane before and after school.  Already this year we have had several students in unsafe situations and this is not acceptable.  Please note the following rules for our school parking lot:

1.  NO cars are to enter in the lower driveway which is designated as an “Exit”.

2.  All morning drop offs are to be in the main parking lot;  NO drop offs should be occuring in the bus lane in the morning.

3.  Drivers should always drive at the designated speed limit for a school zone (15 mph).

4.  There will only be one (1) lane of traffic in the main parking lot at all times.

5.  Parents who require a longer time to discharge their children (i.e. needing to see their child enter the school building) should park their car in a parking space and not hold up the line.

6.  Drivers should always watch for students in the pick up/drop off areas.

Because this issue is of great importance and concern to parents and school staff, we will be blocking one lane in the parking lot and in the bus lane effective immediately. 

We request that all persons exercise caution when traveling through our school property and appreciate your efforts to keep Eshleman Elementary students safe.