Pick up reminders for the first day of school

In order to assist with our pick up procedures, please abide by the following guidelines.

1.  If you are picking up your morning kindergarten student, please park in a single file line behind the YWCA bus.   Please have your child’s sign with first and last name displayed in the car window.   We will only line up in the lane closest to the building.

2.  If you are picking up at the end of the day.   Please arrange yourself in a single file car line behind the three Eshleman buses.   Please remain in your car with the engine running.   We will bring your child to the car.   Once your child is safely inside the car, please check for children and exit the parking lot.   At the end of the day, we will utilize two lanes.   One closest to the building and one through the first tier parking lot.

We are anxious to see all of you on Monday.