Students in Mrs. Rosenberg’s class sing opera

It has been rumored throughout the school that the children in Mrs. Rosenberg’s class sing opera a various times throughout their lessons.   Last week, while I was visiting classrooms I found Mrs. Rosenberg conducting opera and her students singing.   The podcast is below.   I have including the words because opera skills are new to our fourth graders and I wanted you to recognize the contents of what they are singing.


A Good Paragraph Has……

  • One main idea
  • Topic Sentence
  • 5-7 Sentences
  • Closing Sentence
  • Indent, Punctuation, Capital Letters…. Cha, cha, cha

During my next visit, the children challenged me to sing opera in front of the class.   I was thankful that I had the help of Seve and Eh to join this effort.   Thanks guys.