WIN (What I Need) for K, 1 & 2


Dear Parents/Guardians:

We are excited to share a new reading initiative called WIN (What I Need) that we developed to more effectively meet the needs of all students in grades Kindergarten through Grade 2 in the area of reading. Over the past several weeks the staff spent time to collaboratively plan for this thirty minute segment of time that children will be involved  during the school day over the course of the year.

Based on the assessment results gathered at the beginning of the year, students have been placed in groups specific to each child’s needs. For example, a student in need of phonics instruction will be included in a group with students with similar needs and instruction will be targeted to strengthening phonics skills where a student reading at an advanced level will be involved with comprehension work and vocabulary development.

This thirty minute time period will be used to enhance, not replace the reading instruction that occurs with the classroom teacher on a daily basis.  In addition to classroom teachers, the Academic Support Teachers, gifted teachers, librarians and paraprofessionals will also be involved with this initiative so your child may be under the direction of another teacher during this thirty minute time period.  Students will be monitored carefully throughout the year and we will continue to move students to appropriately meet their needs as they make progress.  The kick off of this initiative varies by grade level, but is coming soon.

We are excited about the WIN initiative and we look forward to continued success as we move forward. If you have any questions about this program, please feel free to contact me at  (717) 872-9540.