Colonial life comes to Eshleman







Today we hosted Katie Cottswold, an indentured servant from 1738.  The show depicted the arduous life of early American culture.  Katie Cottswold allowed our children to walk with her through a typical day of her colonial life.    He day typically begins with a list of chores.   Katie Cotswold invited the assistance of our children to gather dye for the wool, prepare the wool to be dyed (including carding)
and make deliveries. On their travels they encountered various townsfolk including French trapper- Jeanne
Claude Guillaume, Tavern-keep Mistress Reinhardt,
and the Barnaby boys.

Finally, Katie and our children made it to the village square to partake in the Faire. Colonial games were played by folks (students) from the village.  (click below to see some of the games)  Please ask your child to tell you all about the games.


The day concluded with a rollicking Maypole dance.  (click below to see the maypole dance)  A special note….. look who is holding the flag.