Wish for Eshleman families ~

Dear Eshleman Families,

I wish for all our families a relaxing and joyful winter break, filled with memorable times with your loved ones.  This is a special time of year for caring and giving, and I hope that our students will take advantage of the time afforded them over holiday break to consider helping friends, neighbors and loved ones who could use some extra support. Here are some ideas for meaningful ways you can reach out to those who need a hand:

  • Become a “Snow Buddy” and plan early to provide snow removal assistance for neighbors who are elderly or disabled.
  • For older kids and with parent supervision and permission, consider offering to do grocery or holiday shopping for a homebound neighbor. Or, offer to babysit so a parent can do some last-minute tasks without the kids in tow.
  • Keep your mind sharp over the break by offering to read with or tutor a younger student.
  • Don’t forget that the spirit of giving begins at home.   Look for extra ways to help your parents, guardians and grandparents around the house.   Commit to a New Year’s Resolution of ALWAYS trying to help around the house.

I hope you have time to relax, rest and recharge for the new year, which brings us such wonderful opportunities.    Have a wonderful holiday break and I’ll look forward to seeing you in January.

Warm regards,

Jen Sugra