Talent Show ~ a wonderful event

Tonight we hosted the Eshleman talent show.   It was an entertaining evening filled with adorable smiles, charismatic children and lovely voices.    The crowd was dazzled and it was pure delight to watch the children show off their various skills.    I was especially proud of the level of respect and encouragement that  fellow talent show performers offered to their classmates.  It was a true testament of their support for each other.

Normally I have many pictures to share or video clips to post, sadly for this post, I don’t have any, as I was a faithful encourager and not a photographer tonight.    I would like to thank the talent show committee.    The committee was a fun group of parents who pulled off something amazing in a short amount of time.    Mrs. Courtney Barry, Mrs. Adrie Sweigart, Mr. Cooper Montgomery and Mrs. Holly Rittenhouse.    I would also like to thank the parents who coordinated the efforts behind the scenes to organize the line up tonight; Mr. Bob Garvey, Mrs. Carrie McGough, Mrs. Shawna Haerter and Mr. Sweigart.     Your participation and commitment was appreciated.

A very appreciative thank you to the Millersville University Copy Shop for printing our program.   Please make sure you visit them for all of your copying needs.

And finally, but most importantly thank you for the children who made the night.    I presume I best thank the parents too who endured the endless practicing at home and repeat performances of the same act.   🙂