Pre-kindergarten children visit Eshleman to become familiar

On Tuesday morning we welcomed Preschool Express to tour our school with their graduating preschoolers.   It was fun for the children to put a friendly face to our school faculty and hear a story in the kindergarten classroom with Mrs. Sproul.    It is transition activities like these that help children to attend the first day of school with ease.   Continue to look for similar activities planned across the district by accessing the school blog or the TINY COMET blog at   The tiny comet blog is a great resource to find current happenings for little ones enrolling to Penn Manor.








Above: The children are listening to a story in the kindergarten classroom and visiting our library where Mrs. Heverling had a story to match every book request.  Our incoming kindergartners wanted to make sure there were plenty of books available on DINOSAURS!    It is a good thing Mrs. Heverling loves dinosaurs.   🙂