Tim Sheaffer completes his Eagle Scout Project ~ Congratulations!
















Tim Sheaffer, a Junior at Penn Manor High School and a former student of Eshleman Elementary just recently complete his Eagle Scout Project for the Boy Scouts of America. He chose to work with Eshleman and we were so lucky he picked us.   Tim added a four seasons garden in front of Mrs. Sproul’s kindergarten classroom.   This will become a visual learning tool for our kindergartners as we discuss seasons, climate and growth patterns.   Tim also graciously agreed to reconstruct the Eshleman sign and add some new shrubbery surrounding the sign.   From my first day at Eshleman the sign was falling apart, so Tim came to the rescue.    Tim’s efforts were incredible.   He had to plan the project, earn the money for all of the supplies and find the time to complete the work.    This was a huge help to our school and we appreciate his efforts.   Can you please help me to thank Tim by posting a comment or compliment about his work.     I know our staff really appreciates Tim’s efforts and his enthusiasm as he completed this project.