Bus changes for next year.

To keep you as informed as possible about changes coming for next year, I would like to inform you that we will not be permitting changing of buses next year unless true emergencies arise. If you are hosting some sort of event after school it is expected that you make arrangements for children to be transported to the event.    Children cannot change buses for childcare or special events.    If there is some sort of emergency, call the office and we can probably work with you, but these exceptions should be very minimal.    We will also be adhering to the same weekly schedule for each student and not permitting changes to occur on a week to week basis.   For example:   In the beginning of the year, we will provide you with one bus stop.  That is where we will bus your child to every day.    There is only one location that we will bus your child.   This will even be in the event of shared custody situations.      We appreciate you taking time to plan early so these changes have minimal impact on your schedules next year.