School lunch changes

Dear Penn Manor Parent or Guardian:

We are reinforcing our commitment to good nutrition for the students.

Beginning this school year, we’re putting in place some new United States Department of Agriculture guidelines for even healthier meals for our students.

Here are the major changes required by the federal guidelines :

*Previously, students did not have to take a fruit or vegetable at all, as long as they took enough other items. Now, they must choose at least one fruit or vegetable serving, and we encourage them to choose more if they like.

*Students will have a greater selection and variety of fruits and vegetables to choose from. Instead of 1/2-3/4 cup combined of fruit and vegetables per day, now we will be offering 1 cup of vegetables PLUS at least ½ cup of fruit per day.

*We will be emphasizing the healthiest vegetables more often, with weekly offerings of healthy dark green and red/orange vegetables, as well as beans and other legumes.

*Whole grains will be served. Beginning this school year, at least 50% of all grain foods we serve will be whole-grain rich, and starting the 2013-2014 school year, all of the grains will be whole-grain rich.

*We will be serving only fat-free flavored (chocolate and strawberry) and 1% unflavored milk.

*We will be meeting new standards for limiting sodium until we reach a final maximum of 740 mg sodium per meal on average.

These changes will require more work and careful planning on our part, especially as we get used to the new guidelines. The new menus will no doubt take some getting used to for our students, too. The end result will be healthier meals for our students, and well-nourished students perform better in school.

If you have any questions regarding the Food Services department, the new dietary guidelines, or your student’s meal account, please call us at 872-9500 x2228 or 872-9520 x1830.


Randy L. Wolfgang

Director of Support Services