PSSA Scores are coming home

PSSA Scores will be sent home with your child on Friday, September 21.  These score reports show your student’s achievement on the PSSAs which were administered in the Spring of 2012.  Students who were in grades 3-6 participated in the PSSAs.

PSSA scores show a snapshot of your child’s progress each Spring.  Keep in mind that each year the assessment increases in content and difficulty as your child continues to make yearly academic growth.  As a school, all student scores are combined and reviewed by the state to determine if the school has made Adequate Yearly Progress or AYP.  Eshleman has been extremely successful in meeting the annual goals of proficiency in the past, but as a school, we fell just a bit short of the 2012 goal.

Every year the AYP targets increase.  In 2011, 67% of our students needed to score proficient or advanced in math and 72% of our students needed to score proficient or advanced in reading to meet the AYP goals.  In comparison, the proficiency level for math in 2012 was 78% and reading was 81%.  Overall, Eshleman students met the proficiency levels for both reading and math.

Of shock and disappointment to the staff of Eshleman is the fact that we fell short in one goal this year.  AYP measures proficiency for all students.  Additionally, the entire student body is reviewed by subgroups for AYP.  Subgroups include male, female, Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Multi-Ethnic, IEP (students with disabilities or special needs), ELL (English Language Learners), and Economically Disadvantaged.  Eshleman Elementary School had 13 targets this year and successfully met 12 of the targets.  We fell short in reading for our Economically Disadvantaged subgroup.

Even though the majority of our students scored proficient or above, Eshleman will be placed on Warning status.  The teachers and classroom support staff have already begun to look for areas of need for all of our students and have begun to develop ways to fill in gaps or better focus instruction in the areas identified.  We will continue to use WIN (What I Need) in the primary grades and provide academic support where needed in the intermediate grades.  Additionally, teachers will continue to monitor progress and needs of their students throughout the year.

For more information on AYP and the PA Department of Education’s requirements for progress please click on  You can also contact the school office or Krista Cox at Eshleman to discuss your child’s individual scores or the school’s progress.