Making a Difference by Giving

At the most recent PTO meeting, we discussed the holiday food baskets that Eshleman families have contributed to in the past and brainstormed ways to have students feel they are more a part of Making a Difference during this time of giving.

Mrs. Cox went to every classroom today and read a story about the good feeling we can experience when we have an opportunity to give.  Eshleman children will be bringing home an envelope and a note (Making a Difference by Giving note) to share with you.  We are collecting donations-big & small- to help our Penn Manor families this year.  We talked about the amazing difference a building of 335 students, 45+ staff members, and all of our parents could make if we all worked together.  Students were amazed to learn that if every “warm body” in the building contributed $1.00; we would suddenly have $380.oo.  And by only contributing $2.00 a person, we would have $760.00.

Students were asked to share the message on the note with you and talk about if your family would like to help.  The contribution is up to you.  For every envelope returned to the red basket, we will create another loop in our “Making a Difference by Giving” chain.

Feel free to stop by and see our chain in the lobby in a couple of days.  Also, the red basket is in the office if you would like to drop off an envelope of your own.  All donations received will be used to buy food or gifts for families in the Penn Manor School District.

Special thanks to the PTO and Student Council for your support and hard work on this activity.  Additionally, extra special thanks to the students of Eshleman Elementary who are so excited about Making a Difference.