Bus Update

During the morning of Tuesday, February 5th bus #170 was involved in a minor accident at the corner of Manor Avenue and Leaman Avenue.  As the bus was turning the corner, it had to stop midway into the turn due to a stopped vehicle in front of the bus. The car two vehicles behind did not stop and hit the van in front.  The van then hit the school bus.  The bus driver reported that there was minimal impact, causing only a scratch on the bumper.  The driver delivered all of the students to the school where the school nurse checked each student on the bus before sending them to class.  A Millersville Borough Police Officer was on the scene and filed a police report.  Additionally, school staff personally phoned the parents/guardians of each student on bus 170.

The safety of all of our students is very important to the district and we wanted to be sure that all families were notified of this event.  Please feel free to contact the school office if you have questions.