Some February Events at Eshleman

IMG_0172 IMG_0177Landis Valley Visits 5th Grade

Landis Valley’s Traveling History Trunk visited the fifth grade classrooms.  The students learned how to write using a feather pen, how to card wool, and how to use flint and to to start a fire.  Students also learned about toys kids would have played with in Colonial times.  The program was a great way to increase the students’ understanding of life in Colonial America. Lancaster Online articleIMG_0170





Mardi Gras parade

On February 12, Eshleman first graders delighted in participating in the annual Mardi Gras parade in front of the school.  Thanks, parents, for bringing all those wagons to help out.

Guests sharing about Music and Birds

Mrs. Detter’s first grade learned about instruments and music around the world from an Eshleman grandparent.  Another set of Eshleman grandparents brought the joy of nature to our backyard.

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Second grade Patriotic Presentation

February went out with happy singing, patriotism and special visits from US Veterans!  The second graders charmed the standing room only crowded with poems, songs and floats they designed to celebrate the US and our holidays.  What a proud night!

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