Dismissal at Eshleman

Your child will be bringing home two half sheets with your last name on it in large print.  These “dashboard signs” are to be used at dismissal for all car riders.  Signs should be placed on your dashboard on the passenger side so that staff can easily identify which child(ren) should be released to your vehicle.  We are providing two signs so that you can also give one to anyone else who may be sharing pick-up duties.  If you need more than the two provided, please call the school office.  More information is in the pink newsletter that you will receive on Monday.

Parents picking students up at the end of the day are requested to stay in your car in one of the vehicle lines.  Please pull your vehicle up to the stop sign by the bike rack in the parking lot or, after the buses leave, pull up to the gym entrance.  Students will be dismissed from this door at the end of the day.  This will allow us to best utilize the parking areas and bus lanes as well as making for an easier and more timely dismissal for parents and students.  Please do not pass cars that are in line ahead of you waiting for students. The safety of our students, your children, is of primary concern to all of us.

We look forward to a safe start to the school year!