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Why So Many Requests…

 As parents we are hopefully falling into the new routine of school and as the dust settles you may be wondering why is the PTO asking so much of our family.  I thought I would take the time to let you know who we are and what our goals are.

The PTO strives to be the bridge between the teachers and the parents.  We attempt to fill the gaps where there are needs to make school a productive and successful learning environment.

We listen to our children, their friends, the teachers, the administration and we lend our support through volunteers and fundraising.  Right now you have 3 different PTO sponsored events going on and I wanted to make sure everyone knows what your extra effort will benefit.


Due Friday September 20th for the contest

Our playground is great when the kids can spread out into the fields and all find a space to do the activities they love.  When the fields are extremely wet or snow covered everyone is limited to only the black top.  We wanted to add to the black top.  As we explored our options we found blacktop is a very costly venture.  We met with the district and came up with an alternative that rearranges some existing equipment and allows us to put down a less costly surface.

To that end we thought the bonus card program would be a great way to acquire the funds for that plan.

Every bonus card number acquired will add to our playground fund when those people shop there.  The program starts in September so that is why we have the contest at the beginning of school!  We can get numbers throughout the year so please always be on the lookout for new numbers!


Labels due Monday September 23rd

This is our main fundraiser.  With this money we do many things including Family Fun Nights, Teacher Appreciation and luncheons, Eshleman Elves, classroom money, field trip money, sixth grade appreciation, student council and much more.  In the past our fundraisers required much more effort from every family.  I love this fundraiser because you can involve family and friends from anywhere and not just your local neighborhood and work friends.  Please take the time to fill out the labels and get involved with the day.  It is a really fun event that brings the whole school together.


Orders due September 27th

This is a great opportunity for your family to get some school spirit.  This is not a big fundraiser for the PTO rather it is a great excuse to get your child excited about Eshleman and Penn Manor!  We started having a spring sale as well so if this fall isn’t a good time to purchase spirit wear look for the Spring sale!

 I hope this brings a better understanding about what we are trying to accomplish with our current PTO activities.  The only other fundraiser we have is in the spring with Gertrude Hawk and that is because there seems to be a love of chocolate in our school!

 So please take the time to look at these different events and get involved any way you can!

Please contact me if you have any questions or ideas you would like to share.

 Courtney Barry

PTO President

(717) 945-9993