Welcome to Our New Staff

Eshleman will be seeing some new faces for the 2014-15 school year as we welcome new teachers and have some teachers shift grade level.  We look forward to a great year of learning with these changes.

Kindergarten:  Miss. Jourdan Brill for 1st semester, Mrs. Sproul for 2nd semester

Grade 1:  Mrs. Wendy Terry, Mr. Jeff Heiney

Grade 2:  Mrs. Patty Detter, Mrs. Beth Kaplan

Grade 3:  Ms. Barb St. John, Mrs. Caitlin Tran

Grade 4:  Mr. Chris Ivey, Mr. John Matusek

Grade 5:  Mrs. Karen Braun, Mrs. Mindy Swope

Grade 6:  Mr. Richard Bodde, Mrs. Chris Kinderwater

Art:  Mrs. Heather Wigerman, Mrs. Maggie Cantrell, Mrs. Jenny Steffy

Gym:  Mr. Steve McCabe

Music:  Ms. Jill Almoney

Library:  Ms. Kathy Ashworth