Book Fair Reminder

The battle has begun….. The COIN WAR kicked off today. Please don’t forget that silver coins (half-dollars, quarters, dimes and nickels) are positive and pennies are negative. Bring in silver coins for your classroom can and pennies to put in other classroom cans. DO NOT PUT PENNIES IN YOUR CLASSROOM CAN!  Totals will be tallied daily and posted in the lobby. The classroom that raises the most money will win $100 in books from this fair for their classroom library. The coin war is an All for Books fundraiser and all money raised will be used in our school. Books for classrooms, the library and students will be purchased from this fair with the funds raised.
Tuesday- Mrs. St. John, Mrs. Tran, and morning kindergarten will be visiting the book fair during their library instruction time to purchase books.
Wednesday- Mrs. Detter and Ms. Kaplan
Friday- Mr. Brodde, Mrs. Kinderwater and afternoon kindergarten
Next Monday- Mr. Matusek, Mr. Ivey, Mrs. Terry and Mr. Heiney
The book fair will be open on Wednesday from 1:30- 8:00 pm and Thursday after school from 1:30-2:30 pm. These would be great times for parents to show with their students!