Penn Manor High School Presents Play

This Friday and Saturday, Penn Manor high school students will be performing The Plot, Like Gravy, Thickens by Billy St. John.
An audience-interactive murder mystery and comedy, this play provides fun for all ages!
The show takes place in the mansion of a wealthy business tycoon- Edward Worthington. Edward invites his closest family and business associates to a birthday dinner in his home, and the diverse guest list makes for a great deal of conflict- from feuding wives to a womanizing freeloader to Edward’s threat of revenge on an unknown backstabber. When everyone has something to hide, stakes are high to discover exactly who made it onto Edward’s bad side. When the power goes out, however, these traitors become suspects as it is discovered that Edward was killed under the cover of darkness.  
Everyone is encouraged to come see the show this Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm. The students and staff have worked very hard to provide the community with a night of entertainment and hilarity that is appropriate for all ages.  During Act 2, the audience will even have an opportunity to ask questions of the suspects to try to personally determine “whodunit”.  
Visit for details on ordering tickets in advance. Tickets can also be purchased through any student involved.  Tickets are $5 for students/senior citizens and $7 for adults if purchased in advance.  Tickets will also be available at the door for $1 more.