Dismissal Procedures

As the weather is turning colder, more and more parents are coming to pick up their children at dismissal.  Just a reminder that we have worked hard to put a safe and efficient process in place for afternoon dismissal.  Please review and abide by the procedures below in order to help us provide a safe environment for all our students:

  1.  Please do not park in the lower lot and pull children from the group of walkers. We have limited the traffic on our lots and on Leaman Avenue until the crossing guard has safely helped our walkers at the intersection of Leaman and Manor Avenue. We would like your support in helping your students remain safe. As a school staff, we ask our student body to follow and respect our school safety rules. We encourage you to continue to model effective safety during dismissal.
  2.  Please continue to respect the businesses surrounding us. The business owners request that parents of walkers not park in neighborhood business parking lots as this takes already limited spaces away from business patrons and customers.
  3.  The lower parking lot is one way and an exit for all traffic from the school. Please respect the law and refrain from pulling into the school’s lower parking lot. It should not be used as an entrance. Please pull in line behind the two lanes of traffic to pick up your child – either in the bus lane behind the buses or in the parking lot upper entrance.
  4.  Please notify the office before 3 PM if there is a change in how your child will be getting home.  This allows us to communicate any changes to staff in the least disruptive manner.
  5.  Reminder that all children up to age 8 are required by PA state law to use a booster car seat while a passenger in any vehicle.  Additionally, all children age 8 and older must buckle up. A fine of $75 can be incurred for non-compliance. Please see www.pakidstravelsafe.org for more information.

Again, these procedures are in place for safety and security reasons.  With the help of all staff and parents/guardians, we can make sure that all students arrive home safely and in a timely fashion.