Bike Rodeo at Eshleman

Who:      4th 5th 6th grade students
What:     Bike safety lesson and stations of obstacle courses for those who bring their bikes and helmets.
Where:   ESHLEMAN PLAYGROUND   When bikes are dropped off, they are to be placed along the window outside of their classroom. (6th grade will use the windows in front of Mrs. Tran and Mrs. Galbreath’s rooms)
When:    September 22, 2015  Between 9-11  Classes will head out at 45 minute intervals.
Why:      To introduce bike safety.
How:      To get your bike to school students MUST have a permission slip signed.  It should have been sent home on Friday.  To get the bikes to the school they may be dropped off before 8:45 or they can be ridden to/from school with your signed permission. (The permission is for this event ONLY.  Regular bike riders must complete the Bike Contract that is located in the office.)

Please note that all bikes must be picked up by 3:30 PM Tuesday.  The school cannot be responsible for bikes left after 3:30 PM.

If you have any other questions about this event you can contact