Holiday Shop

Eshleman PTO is hosting Holiday Shop for Eshleman students from Wednesday, December 2 through Friday, December 4, 2015.  Students will have an opportunity to shop for family members during this time.  Items will be priced from $.25 to $6.00.  Students choosing to participate should bring money in the envelope provided last week ( or designate on a separate paper) indicating who the child is buying for and how much the student should pay for that person.  Parent volunteers will assist the children while they shop.  This is an optional activity and only students bringing in money will be able to shop.

Classes will be able to shop during the following times:

December 2 – 1T, KAM, 1H, 4I, KPM

December 3 – 2D, 2K, 3F, 4M, 5B

December 4 – 3T, 6K, 6B, 5S