Reminders for Walkers

While walking home today, a student was spoken to by a passenger in a vehicle stopped in the traffic by our crossing guard. The passenger offered the child a snack. The child continued quickly toward her home and later returned with an adult to talk with Charlee. The Millersville Borough Police responded and are looking into the incident. As always, we are grateful to the many adults who are present while our students are walking to and from school. Please take a moment to remind your child of safety tips for walking.

1. Always stay on the sidewalk. Be respectful of personal property and extra aware around parking lots. Pay attention to your surroundings. Stay alert.
2. Walk with a friend or a small group if possible.
3. Do not accept rides from strangers.
4. Do not accept food/drinks from strangers.
5. Walk directly home or to school.
6. If you see something suspicious, report it to an adult. It’s okay to yell and run away if you feel it is necessary. Find a safe adult and explain what happened.
7. Cross safely. Pay attention to the crossing guards and look both ways before crossing.