Reminders for arrival and dismissal

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! Please take a moment to review the following bullets:

• Students are either walkers or bus students in our records. This means that on the first day of school, we will either dismiss your child as a walking student or put them on the school bus that they are assigned to. If you are planning to pick up your child/children, please let us know. Since car riders are last in the dismissal process, we have no way of knowing that you may be waiting in line unless you send a note or email to change the assigned mode of transportation. For example, if Krista is a bus rider in our system, we will have her get on the bus, even if you dropped her off in the morning—unless you communicate something different to us.
• While we do our best to confirm what children tell us during the first few days, a note or email noting a change in transportation from you is requested and required. It helps us to know how your child will get home.
• If you know that your child will be a car rider most of the time, please let us know and we will make that the normal mode of transportation. A note or email from you can change that at any time if need be.

Thank you for helping to make the first day a safe and smooth drop off and pick up! If your child will be a car rider, please send a note to the teacher or email

For more details on drop off and dismissal, click below.