The Book Fair is here!

Please see below a list of times when the classes will be visiting to purchase books:

Monday 11/4

Detter-9:50-10:15, Ivey-10:25-10:50, Sproul AM-11:00-11:25, Kinderwater-11:35-12:00, Tran-1:10-1:35, Swope-1:40-2:05, Heiney-2:10-2:35, Sproul PM-2:45-3:10

Tuesday 11/5

Fitzkee-9:05-9:40, Becker-9:50-10:15, Kaplan-10:25-10:50, Terry-11:00-11:25, Bodde-11:35-12:00, Garvey-12:50-1:15.

The book fair will also be open on November 6th and 7th during Parent Teacher conferences.