Meal Distribution-remaining May dates

Penn Manor has implemented a meal distribution plan for students that utilizes students’ morning bus stop locations. The free, bagged meals will be delivered by school buses and will include a lunch and breakfast that meet school nutritional standards.  These meals are available to any PM student.

Families will receive a lunch and breakfast for two days on Mondays and Wednesday drop-offs include meals for three days.  The following dates are distribution dates:  May 13, May 18, May 20, & May 27.  There is no distribution on May 25.

For elementary students, meals will be delivered by buses at students’ regular bus stops at times that roughly correspond with their regular school pickup times. It is a good idea to check the stops on the bus routes below, if you are just joining us, so we don’t miss you.

To insure you are able to connect with a bus, you may want to review the HS and MS bus routes below to find the scheduled stop closest to your child’s regular stop. You may want to arrive before the listed time, and wait until you are met by a bus.

Meals for high school and Marticville and Manor middle school students will be delivered each morning to their regular bus stops, but the drop-off times are not the same as their morning school pickup times.

Please see the drop-off schedules for those schools here:

HS meal drop-off schedule
Manor MS meal drop-off schedule
Marticville MS meal drop-off schedule

Buses will stop if someone is visible at each stop. A volunteer onboard each bus will assist with meal bag distribution.

Meals for students who WALK to Penn Manor High School or Eshleman Elementary School may be picked up from 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. on designated mornings at Eshleman Elementary School.

At all locations, a student should be present for a family member to pick up their meal bag, and family members may pick up meal bags for all members of their family who attend Penn Manor schools from a single location/stop.

This distribution plan is subject to change in response to the needs of our families/bus drivers.