A la carte items coming to the cafeteria

Beginning on Tuesday, October 12th, students will have the opportunity to purchase additional items with their lunch.

Please note: these snack items do not come with lunch and can only be purchased if your child/children have extra money available in their lunch account.

Students may bring cash or change to purchase the snacks or they may use money existing in their account. You can deposit money using myschoolbucks or by sending money with your child. Due to the free meals being served this year and a lack of change in the registers, if your child purchases a snack with cash, the change will be deposited into their account. For example, if they purchase ice cream for $ 0.75 using $1.00, the additional quarter ($ 0.25) will be deposited into their account for further use.

Currently available snacks:

Ice Cream — $ 0.75

Rice Krispie treats — $ 0.85