Request for help with Safety


Recently, we have had some situations that have put the safety of our staff and children at risk during dimissal. We are requesting your help with following:

  • We need to keep the top of the blue lane open for our YWCA bus to pick up students at 3:15-3:20. Please do not park beside/near the cones to wait for your child. We need that area open for the bus driver to make the turn.
  • All pick up lanes are “one lane” in order for us to be able to watch as our children load into cars. We request that you do not pass, but wait until the car in front of you pulls out or you are waved on by school staff.
  • During both morning drop off and kindergarten drop off, if you wish to walk your child to the door, please park in the parking lot and carefully cross at a crosswalk.

Thank you for your help keeping our children safe!