How to keep them reading over the summer!



Summer is suppose to be fun, so please make sure to keep it fun.    I know as a mom of three elementary kids, I struggle with that balance and the ongoing reminders from my daughters that it is summer they shouldn’t have to read.    To take the pressure off of mom (ME!) I usually try to get them linked into a summer reading program that has some sort of reward or prize that they are interested in earning.     Below is a link to a pretty concise list of different choices that are out there for summer reading.     Give yourself a break too and try offering one of these options to increase summer reading.     Summer reading does allow all children to continue to increase fluency levels and reinforce comprehension skills.

Click on this link to see some of the reading INCENTIVE offers from local businesses.  

Good luck 6th graders

We would like to take this time to wish the very best to our 6th grade class.

Congratulations class of 2018.



A special thank you to Mrs. Sikora, Mrs. Rachor and Mrs. Wiker for planning events for our special sixth grade celebration day together.

New 4th grade teacher

Many of you already know that Mrs. Rosenberg will be retiring at the end of this school year.    Although she is one tough act to replace, we know we found a gem to return to Eshleman for the upcoming school year.  Mr. John Matusek will return to Eshleman as our 4th grade teacher.   Mr. Ivey and Mr. Matusek are anxious to team together for the next school year to educate our 4th graders.

I am sure you will help me to welcome Mr. Matusek back to our school.


A splash party where everyone got wet!

We made record history on Monday night in that our splash party was attended by over 475 people.  And for MOST schools, only the children get wet.  NOT for the ESHLEMAN dedicated crew of parents, students and staff…. we can guarantee that EVERYONE participated in the fun and was wet by the end of the night.     🙂    For the hour and ten minutes that it was not raining it was truly a blast.   🙂



Thank you to our PTO for sponsoring a wonderful end of the year event for our school and a huge thank you to the Millersville Lions Club for graciously donating the pool for our use.   After visiting the pool if you are still interested in attaining a membership, you can link to their site by clicking here.


The baskets were tons of fun and we earned $448.00 toward the kick off of the playground committee.    Thank you to every parent who donated items towards our baskets.


Pen pal ichat

Enclosed are photos that Mrs. St. John took this morning of our third graders iChatting with third graders from Johanna Treier’s class at Central Manor Elementary School.  They were penpals for the entire year and finally had the opportunity to meet virtually.  For the activity today, the children all wrote a “Guess the Animal” riddle to share with their penpals during the chat.  Mr. Tom Swartz and Mrs. Shelby Foster, two of our technicians helped to make this happen.  A fun time was had by all!

Testing kites in third grade






After constructing their very own kites, third graders ventured out onto the playground (not the same as the beach, but close) to see if they could get their kite to remain in the air.   We had the perfect weather for this event and with a little “kid energy” kites were launched and flying in no time.   There were squeals of laughter and heavy breathing after the launch run.    See if you can find your child running across the field in any of the four clips below.





Second graders love to square dance!

Twice in the past month I have caught second graders dancing at school.    The dances are filled with fun and carry over from Mrs. Taylor and Mrs. Thomson’s classrooms out onto the playground.   This is the kind of meaningful learning applied later for our children.     Take a peek at our adorable square dancers by clicking on the link below.

Dancing in Music

First graders offer readers theatre entertainment for everyone to enjoy!

Take a look at our first graders in Mrs. Chismar’s class.   Every group visited my office to share their reader’s theatre stories.   Listen to their expressive reading skills.    They had a fun time and it was a blast to hear the excitement over some of the parts.   The four stories in this video clip are:  Arthur’s Bad News Day, Hippo’s Toothache, How Grandma Spider Stole the Sun and Animals, Animals.      Click this link to hear their stories.





6th grade Picnic and end of the year celebration

On June 6th from 12:00-3:00 our 6th graders will be celebrating the end of their elementary experience with a fun-filled afternoon of activities.    We will begin by eating lunch and then the games will begin around 1:00.    There will be three stations in which the children participate in during this picnic.   Mrs. Sikora will be running the dodgeball station, Mrs. Wiker will be conducting an active scavenger hunt with the children and Mrs. Rachor will be allowing the kids to practice their water balloon throwing skills.     It is shaping up to be an amazing day.   If you have a sixth grader we could use your help.    We would appreciate parent volunteers to bring snacks for the afternoon.  If you are interested in donating some salty or sweet snacks, please click HERE.    We would also appreciate some parent helpers for the afternoon events.    Please call the school or respond to this post if you are interested.     At the end of the picnic, we will return to the Eshleman Elementary cafeteria to distribute promotion certificates. Students will be dismissed at the regular time.   All parents are invited to attend this event.



Bus changes for next year.

To keep you as informed as possible about changes coming for next year, I would like to inform you that we will not be permitting changing of buses next year unless true emergencies arise. If you are hosting some sort of event after school it is expected that you make arrangements for children to be transported to the event.    Children cannot change buses for childcare or special events.    If there is some sort of emergency, call the office and we can probably work with you, but these exceptions should be very minimal.    We will also be adhering to the same weekly schedule for each student and not permitting changes to occur on a week to week basis.   For example:   In the beginning of the year, we will provide you with one bus stop.  That is where we will bus your child to every day.    There is only one location that we will bus your child.   This will even be in the event of shared custody situations.      We appreciate you taking time to plan early so these changes have minimal impact on your schedules next year.