First Tech Club Meeting!

February 26, 2024

Last week was the first Tech Club meeting for students in Mrs. Becker's fifth grade class. Students were able to work with Mr. Carrick, Eshleman's technology support specialist. The group is excited to learn more!

Outstanding Educator & Employee Nominations

If you know of a teacher or other staff member who goes out of his or her way to help students and support our schools, please consider nominating them for an Outstanding Educator or Employee Award.

The school district will present the 2023-2024 awards for Outstanding Elementary Educator, Outstanding Secondary Educator and Outstanding Employee later this year. You can nominate candidates for these awards from January 19 through February 29.

Nominations can be submitted by parents, guardians, students and colleagues of Penn Manor staff members. Nominations will be accepted online only. Please see the online resource page for details, nomination guidelines, and a list of past winners.

Outstanding Educator Awards are based on a current teacher’s ability to promote academic growth in her/his students and for outstanding pupil-teacher relationships. 

Outstanding Employee Awards are based on a current staff member’s ability to support the educational program and the quality of his/her relationships with staff and students.

Thank you for taking the time to acknowledge the hard work of our employees!

Eshleman Winter Games & Esh Fest

January 1, 2024

On December 22nd, the Eshleman students and faculty participated in the first ever Eshleman Winter Games.  The competition included events similar to what you might see on the show Minute-To-Win-It.  We were impressed by the skill of both our teachers and our students.  After the Eshleman Winter Games, students joined groups for a fun activity, which we call Esh Fest!  Esh Fest was an opportunity for all students to engage in an activity of their choice.       

Treats for Troops Donation Accepted at Eshleman

November 22, 2023

This year, we were able to select the destination for our Treats for Troops Donation.  We decided to send our donation to Fort Indiantown Gap.  Fort Indiantown Gap is a National Guard Training Center primarily located in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  Retired Chief Warrant Officer Matt Wilson visited Eshleman on November 20th to accept our donation.  

How much candy did CW4 Wilson take with him?  

This year we collected a total of 147.4 lbs of candy!  

That breaks our total from last year by approximately 5 lbs.  

Though all our houses did a wonderful job bringing in candy, Kalosyni was the winning house with 38.8 lbs on candy donated!  

Eshleman High 5

This year Eshleman students, faculty, and staff will spend the year committed to the Eshleman High 5.  The Eshleman High 5 is a set of 5 statements that will help us all be better members of the Eshleman community.  

high 5 final.pdf