Check Out What's Happening At Eshleman!

Killdeer Family Has Expanded

June 12, 2024

Our Eshleman Killdeer Family has expanded!  We now have 3 baby killdeers running around the playground with their parents.  During the month of May, students helped to create a welcoming environment for the mother killdeer, who decided to lay her eggs in the mulch under the swings.  Students did some research on our mother bird helping 3 of the 4 eggs to successfully hatch.  Great job Eshleman!      

Coding in Kindergarten

May 23, 2024

Mrs. Glenn's kindergarten students have been receiving a few lessons on coding. Judy Keller, our Technology Training Consultant, visited Eshleman and worked with kindergarten as students got to "play" with the INDI cars. They loved it!

Important Message from our Superintendent, Dr. Gale!

All Penn Manor schools will have an early dismissal on Friday, May 17. An older version of the district calendar listed the early dismissal date as Friday, May 10. That date is now a regular school day.

Girls On The Run!

April 29, 2024

The Girls on the Run students are gearing up for their 5K on Saturday, May 4. They have worked hard all season and we cannot wait to cheer them on this weekend!

Spring Concert

April 22, 2024

This morning Eshleman students showcased their music talents in our Spring Concert. Miss Brennan and Ms Almoney led our students in the string ensemble, chorus, and band. It was a joy to share in the music with Eshleman students, staff, and families gathered in the gym. We our proud of your hard work and dedication.

ZooAmerica Visits Kindergarten!

April 9, 2024

On Friday, April 5 ZooAmerica visited kindergarten students and brought in some animal friends. ZooAmerica is a North American Wildlife Zoo located in Hershey, PA. The presentation was called "A-Zoo" which reviewed letters from the alphabet. Mrs. Glenn shared that everything was wonderful and students were participating and asking questions. The kindergarteners learned so much about the animals! 

Solar Eclipse Information

April 3, 2024

Solar eclipses are wondrous natural events, and we want to ensure that Penn Manor students and staff have a safe and enjoyable experience on Monday, April 8. During the eclipse, we will experience a period of diminished light, similar to twilight, beginning at 2:06 p.m. and peaking at 3:22 p.m. before ending at 4:34 p.m. 

Penn Manor is not altering school schedules on April 8 and is not providing special eyewear for viewing the eclipse. It is important to emphasize that students must never look at the sun directly, even while the eclipse is under way. 

Teachers may want to consider creating a safe pinhole camera to view the crescent sun indirectly during the eclipse. This simple technique projects the image onto the pavement or sidewalk. Here's how:

We also encourage staff members and students to safely watch the eclipse live via NASA's live video stream: Additional eclipse educational resources are available here:

Thank you for helping to make this historic event a safe and enjoyable experience for our students.

Kids At Work Day!

March 1, 2024

Dress as a Career!

Students had opportunity to dress up as a career they found interesting or wanted to be when they grow up.

Career Presentations!

Classrooms welcomed guest speakers to share about their careers and allowed students to ask questions.

Fire Truck Visit!

Volunteer firemen visited Eshleman and brought a fire truck along for students to explore.

First Tech Club Meeting!

February 26, 2024

Last week was the first Tech Club meeting for students in Mrs. Becker's fifth grade class. Students were able to work with Mr. Carrick, Eshleman's technology support specialist. The group is excited to learn more!

Eshleman Winter Games & Esh Fest

January 1, 2024

On December 22nd, the Eshleman students and faculty participated in the first ever Eshleman Winter Games.  The competition included events similar to what you might see on the show Minute-To-Win-It.  We were impressed by the skill of both our teachers and our students.  After the Eshleman Winter Games, students joined groups for a fun activity, which we call Esh Fest!  Esh Fest was an opportunity for all students to engage in an activity of their choice.       

Treats for Troops Donation Accepted at Eshleman

November 22, 2023

This year, we were able to select the destination for our Treats for Troops Donation.  We decided to send our donation to Fort Indiantown Gap.  Fort Indiantown Gap is a National Guard Training Center primarily located in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.  Retired Chief Warrant Officer Matt Wilson visited Eshleman on November 20th to accept our donation.  

How much candy did CW4 Wilson take with him?  

This year we collected a total of 147.4 lbs of candy!  

That breaks our total from last year by approximately 5 lbs.  

Though all our houses did a wonderful job bringing in candy, Kalosyni was the winning house with 38.8 lbs on candy donated!