School Supplies

Below is a list of supplies that we are asking families to provide for the first day of school. We appreciate your help with providing these materials.

The school appreciates any donations of dry erase markers (we use approximately 12 – 15 per student throughout the year), tissues, paper towels, and/or hand sanitizer. These items can be turned into the office to be distributed as needed throughout the year.

Kindergarten: pack of crayons (16-24 count), 2 glue sticks, yellow highlighter, 8 pack of washable classic-color markers

Grade 1: pencil box with lid (student name on outside of box), 1 pack of crayons (24 count)

2 Detter: backpack, 1 box of yellow pencils, 1 box of colored pencils (classic colors), 1 roll paper towels, 1 box of tissues

2 Kaplan: backpack

3 Garvey: a pencil box, a big eraser, 1 set of markers, 1 glue stick, & #2 pencils (all year). Scissors and highlighter are optional.

3 Tran: pencil box, 2 highlighters, box of crayons (8-24 count), ear buds for laptops.

4 Fitzkee: at least 2 yellow #2 pencils, pencil box, 16 or 24 pack of crayons, at least 4 dry erase markers (we use approximately 16 – 18 per student throughout the year).

4 Ivey: at least 2 yellow #2 pencils, bar eraser, small pencil sharpener, 8 pack of basic markers (thin or thick), highlighter (any color, any size).

5 Becker: box of 8 or 12 colored pencils, Expo marker, pencils (please plan to replenish through the year), Earbuds or inexpensive headphones.

5 Swope: a set of colored pencils, a set of thin markers (we don’t use thick markers often), a box of yellow #2 pencils (please plan to replenish through the year), ear buds or small headsets for the laptop, a few dry erase markers and an eraser of choice (purchased or sock).

6 Bodde: #2 pencils and erasers-yellow works best in pencil sharpener, Notebook (for notes and examples in Math class), Headphones/earbuds to use with student laptops.