School Information

School Address:  545 Leaman Avenue,   Millersville,   17551

School Phone:  717 872-9540

School Fax:  717 872-9508

Hours: Student days are from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  Morning kindergarten hours are from 9:00 AM – 11:35 AM; afternoon students report from 12:50 AM – 3:30 PM.  Due to an increase in car riders and a change in dismissal procedures; Dismissal begins at approximately 3:25 PM.

One Hour Delay: All students will be picked up one hour later than their scheduled bus pick-up time.  Morning kindergarten begins one hour later and dismissal is at the regular time.  Afternoon kindergarten runs on the normal schedule.

Two Hour Delay: (modified kindergarten)  Morning students will be picked up two hours later than their regular bus pick-up time. Morning kindergarten students will be dismissed at 12:45.   Afternoon kindergarten session will begin at 1:45 PM and will be dismissed at 3:25 PM.

YWCA Before/After School Care:  If  Penn Manor has a one or two hour delay, all students attending the Before School Program should be taken to Hambright Elementary School for childcare.  Students will be bussed to Eshleman for the start of school.  If Penn Manor closes early (not scheduled), there will be no Y Afterschool care provided at Eshleman.  Parents will need to pick their child up at the school and transport to the Lancaster YWCA for childcare for the remainder of the day.

Inclement Weather: Cancellations, delays, and early dismissals are announced on the following radio stations:  WDAC, WIOV, WLAN, WSBA, WROZ, WARM, WQXA, WJTL, and WKRZ. They will also be announced on the following television stations:  WGAL, WLYH, WITF, and WPMT.

Four Day Cycle: Our school operates on a 4-day schedule (A, B, C, D).  The first day of school each year is Day A, the next is Day B, etc.  After Day D, we start again with Day A.

Attendance: Excuse forms can be submitted online via Sapphire Parent Portal or a note can be delivered to the office. Students are expected to attend school regularly.  Any time the student is absent, he/she is expected to bring in a note stating the reason for the absence.  Any absence not accompanied by an excuse will be considered unexcused.  Students arriving after 9:00 AM will be considered tardy.  Parents planning to remove their child from school for a pre-planned trip should complete an Educational Trip Form at least one week prior to the scheduled trip.  All school work missed during the trip must be made up.

Visitors: All visitors are expected to enter through the office, sign in, and wear a badge while in the building.  In order to avoid classroom interruptions, parents are requested to leave messages and materials in the office.  Parents picking up students for appointments prior to 3:30 PM dismissal need to come to the office and sign the student out.  Students will be called to the office and dismissed from there.  These procedures are in place to assure a secure environment for the students.

PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES: Conferences are scheduled during the month of November. A schedule for these conferences will be created after we receive input from you concerning convenient times to accommodate your schedule. A letter will go home prior to scheduling for your input. Please feel free to contact your child’s teacher at any time during the year as the need arises.

HEALTH ROOM: All medication, including prescription and over-the-counter medications, including Ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) and Acetaminophen (Tylenol) require the written permission of the prescribing physician and the parent or guardian.

Per PMSD school board policy, students may NOT transport ANY medications except emergency auto injectors, inhalers, and prescription eye drops.

POLICY ON PETS: We have many children who are highly allergic to different types of animals and we need to be sensitive to their individual situations. Therefore, we request that NO pets be brought into the building.  We do, however, have a fully insured facility dog in our school.  


Loose fitting clothing or footwear (including flip flops), which could cause injury, are not appropriate for school.  Students will have recess daily, so sneakers are recommended.  Sandals, boots, slip ons, wedges, or heels are difficult for children to actively participate.  Shorts should be long enough to reach fingertips when students are standing up straight.  Bare midriffs, spaghetti strap shirts, tank tops, and muscle shirts are not permitted.  All clothing should cover undergarments being worn.  As students mature, parents are asked to support the school by helping to discourage clothing that is revealing or inappropriate.

Clothing that advertises any drugs, alcohol, tobacco products or weapons, is of questionable taste, or is potentially disruptive to the educational program is not permitted.  No hats may be worn in the building.


Respect for the driver and for other students will be expected at all times. Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. Students who violate bus rules or jeopardize the safety of bus riders may forfeit their bus riding privileges. If damage is done to the bus, it will be paid for by the offender.  If your child will not be riding the bus home on any given day, we must have a note indicating the change signed by a parent. If we do not have a note, we are obligated to have your child ride the bus if someone is not here by the bus dismissal time. A phone call to the office will be sufficient in an emergency. All students must ride their designated bus. If a change is necessary due to childcare reasons, a babysitting form must be submitted to the school office. Students are not permitted to eat or drink on the bus. This includes candy and chewing gum.  Playground equipment for recess should be brought to school in a backpack or a separate bag.


Technology is an essential part of curriculum and instruction at Penn Manor School District. Over the past 10 years the district has expanded classroom technology availability, promoted teacher professional development and worked to weave technology into the fabric of student learning experiences.

Just as technology has become a part of our classrooms, students have also embraced technology for communication, homework and personal studies. In the past, the use of student owned cell phones, laptops, netbooks and iPods was forbidden during the school day. Penn Manor School District has recognized the importance of allowing students to utilize their own personal technology at school for legitimate instructional activities. For this reason, all district school buildings now offer filtered guest wireless access for students in all grade levels. Student and parents need to be aware of several rules and requirements before a device is brought to school:


Due to the potential interruption to the learning environment and the danger of them being broken, lost or stolen, these items are NOT to be brought on the bus or to school.